Paniza Garnacha

Wine Making

After the squeezing, the garnacha grapes macerate for a few hours with the skins to extract aromas and colour. Subsequently, the coloured wort is taken to a stainless steel tank where it ferments at 20º C. After fermentation, the wine is subjected to various racking clarification treatments and stabilisation, as well as a being filtered prior to bottling.


Tasting Notes

Spectacular pink colour. It reflects the typical scent of Garnacha, fruity and floral. With body and great balance, it has notes reminiscent of plum and dark fruits. Service at 10-12 ºC.

Young Rosé Wine

  • 100% Garnacha grape variety
  • Come from our 3,000 hectares of vineyards at an altitude of 800 meters.
  • Designation of Origin Cariñena.

  • Certificates

    IFS - International Food Standard

    BRC - Global Standard Food