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At Bodegas Paniza we have a range with ten different products. Each one has special qualities that make them unique. We have young wines especially created for beginners people into the world of the wine. These have fresh, intense and very tasty nuances. Then we have aged and signature wines, with much more complex and developed flavours and aromas. They are ideal for those who seek the perfect harmony between tradition, modernity and elegance.

The Paniza Joven (Young Paniza) range has an attractive, urban and casual image and design. They are young wines oriented to the public that are being undertaken in the fabulous world of wine. They are described as different, fresh and modern.


Peca, in Spanish, means freckle. This great variety of wines stands out for having a perfectly harmonized aroma and body. Peca has an image that evokes some levies linked to finesse, subtlety and elegance. Attributes that speak about a person who gives importance to the image she is representing.

Paniza Varietales (Varieties of Paniza) is a family of wines that represent each of the famous varieties of the area. We have representative wines from Syrah, Cariñena, Garnacha and Viura & Chardonnay.

This range was created with the purpose of transmitting a message through our wines, in which we reflect the differential value of our grapes compared to other grapes in the area. Paniza Varietales is composed of fleshy varietal wines, balanced, soft, their flavour reminds us of the forest fruits such as strawberry and raspberry. The image of the bottle is elegant and sophisticated, it complements the great quality of the wine that it encloses.


The Mono (monkey) range is composed of five varietal wines, whose image is cool and modern as nowadays way of life. They are a personal, versatile, funny and dynamic wines. Due to their easy and fresh taste to red berries, they can be adapted and make pleasant to any menu.


Paniza Sleeve is a range of varietal wines characterized by their smoothness and great taste. The fruity touches making them easy to drink .

The image of Paniza Sleeve has been defined like stunning. The bottles, of intense and brilliant colours, have a modern and sophisticated image. This accentuates the spelling that runs down the entire body of the bottle in diamond form. This striking image, make Paniza Sleeve the perfect wine to stand out and amaze at any social event.


In warm August afternoons, the Agostón ( An aragonese wild boar) comes to our vineyards, at the foot of the Iberian Mountains to feed their young and themselves with the sweet and ripe grapes which has fallen from vine. This wine is a tribute to them.

It is a range of wines with important international recognition. With superb quality and a modern, attractive and vibrant image. Agostón is the range of wines that, by variety and breakthrough image, will undoubtedly make any occasion shine.

Crianzas de Paniza (Paniza's aged wines) consists of a range of elegant and traditional aged wines. Its three wines have a great international recognition, holders of different awards that credit their exceedingly high quality.

Our Crianzas are wines with a subtle and complex aroma, with flavours that remind us of licorice, vanilla and coffee. It is an elegant range, reflecting the experience given by tradition forged, based on years of wine making.


Dandi (Dandy) is a category of aged wines that reflects the stereotypical attributes of this kind of person, from where it gets it name. Elegant, sophisticated wines with lots of personality..

A Selection of vintage, reserve and grand reserve wines, where we differentiate the aging time playing with the label through an image that, depending on the type of wine, change that canon of cultured and educated man.

Viñas de Paniza (Paniza's vineyards) is a range of intense and elegant wines. This family of signature wines reflects the richness of Paniza, an area where our most select vineyards grow. The grape that is rampant in this area has elements that are reminiscent of cinnamon and custard on the palate.

Viñas de Paniza are subtle wines of great value, endorsed internationally for their fantastic quality.


Artigazo (aragonese word for a small and cleared land prepared for agriculture) was brought to light for the first time in 2007 and soon became the symbolic and institutional wine of Bodegas Paniza.

This signature wine is made with the best grapes, collected from our oldest vineyards, which we find at higher altitudes. This set of conditions result in exceptional wine quality.

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