Selection of perfect wines for summer

With high temperatures, what you most want is to find the perfect drink, which combines freshness and power at the same time. A suggestive drink that evokes passion and freshness. The white and rosé wines are the kings in this area. Thanks to its temperature of service, between 7 and 10 ºC the whites, and between 10 and 12 ºC the pink ones; and its fruity and fresh aromas and flavors are the ideal companions for the summer season.

Chardonnay and Viura are two of the grapes par excellence for the production of white wines. The chardonnay grape has its origin in the Burgundy region, in France, specifically in the homonymous town from which it takes its name. It is versatile and suitable for all types of climates, giving rise to wines with a multitude of different nuances depending on the area and the altitude at which the vineyards are located. The grape variety viura, or macabeo, as it is also known, is native to the eastern half of Spain. It is a widespread variety throughout the Peninsula and is widely used for young white wines, sparkling wines and for varietals. Sometimes it is used to make various coupages with other varieties, including inks.

In Paniza we have a wide range of wines made with Chardonnay and Viura, among which, Viñas de Paniza Chardonnay, a white with a light barrel aging to develop the full potential of the variety. It is elegant, fresh and subtle. Its aroma has floral and citrus notes, with a touch of toasted cream. In the mouth it reminds us of the Original Werthers.

For the production of rosé wines, both white and red varieties can be used. The epicenter of the world of rosé wine is found in the southern regions of France such as La Provence or Laguedoc-Roussillon. The rosé wines can be dry or sweet. The dry pink ones are the most common in the whole world. France and Spain lead their production and they usually mix two to three grape varieties for their production. All pink can be made sweet, not letting all the sugar to ferment in alcohol, although this style is not very common. In Bodegas Paniza, our rosés are made with our quintessential red grape, Garnacha.

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