7 June, 2019
Íbero de Paniza, la nueva gama de vinos de crianza de Bodegas Paniza
No es casualidad que la gama se llame Ibero de Paniza y sea un homenaje a nuestros orígenes, a los viticultores actuales que forman la bodega […]
9 April, 2019
The capsule and other elements of the wine bottle
It is a kind of security seal, the guarantee that it is a virgin wine, without filling or adulterating. It wraps the upper part of the […]
23 January, 2019
Bodegas Paniza launches a mobile application for partners and workers
Facilitates direct and updated communication and can extend it to those who do not work daily with a computer, such as farmers or warehouse operators. The […]
13 July, 2018
Vino de Garnacha, la variedad de uva de moda
Garnacha, example of distinction
In Aragon, to speak of Grenache is to speak of tasty wines, greedy ones that warm the mouth, which are the good ones, that invite you […]