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What is a Young Red Wine?

The Young Red Wine, also known in Spanish as “cosechero” (Harvesting Wine), is the wine which has not gone through any type of ageing period or cask. Once the carbonic maceration, fermentation and stabilization processes have been finished, the wine is bottled and it must be consumed on the next two years, at most.

Throughout these two years, the young red wine keeps their properties intact. From this period, because of the wine-making process, the wine will begin to lose their quality. Therefore, in a young red wine, the less time elapses between harvest and consumption, the better conditions it will have to discover all its nuances.

How to serve a good Spanish Young Red Wine?

The young red wines, does not need to be stored in a special way. Like the rest of wine types, it is frail and needs to be protected from extreme temperatures and sunlight; but, due to their youthfulness, the wine will not produce precipitates and does not need to be decanted. Their service temperature is around 10ºC (50ºF) and 14ºC (57,2ºF), depending on their variety and alcoholic degree.

How is a Young Red Wine? Taste, color and aroma

These kinds of wine are lively, intensive and full of freshness. This features, betray the age of wine. The intense is the wine, the younger it is. The red young wine color is overwhelming; reflects the whole spectrum of reds coming from red berries and, also violet hues inside can be found. It contains floral and forest fruits bouquet; its ideal to accompany appetizers, any meal, and even alone, to enjoy it fully.

The Young Red Wines category of Bodegas Paniza is composed of Paniza Garnacha & Tempranillo and Peca Garnacha & Tempranillo. Two wines which are well structured and they are ideal for the beginner wine-passionate people who are discovering this awesome universe.

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