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Ibero 2016

Ibero 2016


What is a Reserva Wine?

The Spanish Reservas (Reserve Wines) are the next step in the wine ageing process. The difference with vintage ones, is the time that wine stays into the casks. .

Due to the grape characteristics, is not easy to bring white and rosé ones until this stage of ageing. The lack of color makes them more sensitive to oxidation.

Spanish Reserve Red Wine needs 36 months of ageing to be. 12 of them into oak casks, and after this, 24 months into the bottle. These casks, according to the Regulatory Council, must be made of American or French oak wood with a maximum capacity of 330 liters (87,18 gallons). Meanwhile, white and rosé wines spend 6 months into the cask and 18 into the bottle.

How to serve a good Reserva Spanish wine?

The perfect temperature to drink reserve red wines, depending on their intensity, is around 16ºC (60.8ºF) and 18ºC (64.4ºF). Reserve white wines may be drunk at a temperature of 12ºC (53.6ºF), and rosé ones need a temperature of 9ºC (48,2ºF) to be fully enjoyed.

What are the tasting notes of Reserva Wines form Spain?

The reserve wines remarkable features are divided in three stages.

Visual stage:Depending on the wine variety: red, rosé or white; reserve wines have different tonalities. During the ageing process, ocher and golden colors appear, betraying the age of wine; due to the longer contact of the wort with the wood of the casks.

Olfactory stage: Aromas become more complex. Mature fruits still remain and spices nuances are hidden into the aroma coupage. Reserve white wines have intense hues to honey and nuts to the detriment of fresh tropical fruits ones.

Taste stage: Reserve wines are famous due to their balance. They are soft and refined, with a long-time and pleasant aftertaste.

Bodegas Paniza have got two Reserva red wines:

Paniza Reserva, made from Tempranillo, Garnacha and Cabernet-Sauvignon varieties. With an intense licorice, vanilla and nuts aromas and a beautiful red ruby color.

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