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Ibero 2014

Ibero 2014


What is a Gran Reserva Wine?

Grand Reserva (Grand Reserve Wine) category is the higher step of the wine ageing process. If a grand reserve wine is properly preserved, in terms of grape quality, light incidence, temperature and surrounding oxygen percentage conditions, it can last several decades, even a century in a very special and unique cases..

In any case, these Grand Reserve Wines, in accordance with the Designation of Origin Regulatory Council, the bureau that rules the wine quality in Cariñena, must remain 18 months into French or American oak casks, and after this, at least, 3,5 years into the bottle. So that, 5 years must spend to get a Grand Reserva red wine.

White and Rosé wines need less time to age to this category. 4 years overall; 6 months in the cask and 3,5 years in the bottle, always well protected from light and extreme temperature changes.

How to serve a good Gran Reserva Spanish wine?

The perfect temperature to enjoy Grand Reserva Red wines, depending on their intensity, is around 16ºC (60.8ºF) and 18ºC (64.4ºF). Grand Reserva white wines may be drunk at a temperature of 12ºC (53.6ºF), and Rosé ones need a temperature of 9ºC (48,2ºF) to be fully enjoyed.

Gran Reserva Spanish Wine Tasting Notes

The reserve wines remarkable features are divided in three stages.

Visual stage: Depending on the wine variety, red, rosé or white; reserve wines have different tonalities. During the ageing process, ocher, brown, dark orange and golden colors appear, betraying the age of wine; due to the longer contact with the wood of the casks.

Olfactory stage: Aromas become very complex. Fruity nuances almost disappear and a large mixture of subtle aromas shows up from the glass. Aromas like leather, tobacco, spices, mushrooms, nuts, honey or cork among others, depending on the treatment that has been given to the wine during the whole process.

Taste stage: Grand Reserva wine is dense, soft, harmonious and has got a very long-timed aftertaste. It is prefect to pair with tasty steaks, vintage cheeses and cured or smoked foods.

Bodegas Paniza has got two Grand Reserva red wines:

Paniza Gran Reserva, made from Tempranillo, Garnacha and Cabernet-Sauvignon varieties. With an intense licorice, vanilla and balsamic aromas and a beautiful shining dark red color

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