Red Wine Types

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Young Red Wine

The wine is finished in the same year as it was harvested, mainly because it has not being aged; neither in a barrel nor in a bottle.

They are wines with an intense colour of cherry red with violet flashes. The aroma of the young Spanish red wine reminds us of licorice, ripe fruit and violets.

The young red wines, within our Bodegas Paniza range are the Peca Garnacha & Tempranillo and the Paniza Joven Garnacha & Tempranillo which are well structured wines. Perfect for the young consumer who is beginnig in this fascinating universe.

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Crianza Red Wine

SpanishCrianzas (Vintage Wines) are wines that have spent some time ageing in a barrel and a bottle. Within this type of Spanish wine we distinguish between red ones, whose ageing time must be at least 24 months, six of which will be spent in barrels. Then whites and rosé, where the ripening of the wine takes less time, at least 18 months..

Belonging to this category we can find:

Ibero 2016: Wine made with Tempranillo, Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon. The colour of this ageing reminds us of ripe cherries; its aroma nutty with vanilla

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Reserva Red Wine

The Spanish Reservas (Reserve Wine) are wines that need a longer ageing period than the Crianzas (Vintage). As happened with the vintages, the reservas are wines we can distinguish they are red depending on which type we are talking about. The ageing process lasts a minimum of 36 months, 12 of which must be in a oak barrel. The whites and rosé wines, have a shorter ageing process, including 24 months between barrel and bottle.

Within the reserve range we have:

Ibero 2015: This reserva wine made with Tempranillo, Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon, is characterized by its ruby tones and its intense aroma with touches reminiscent of licorice, vanilla and nuts.

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Gran Reserva Red Wine

The Spanish Gran Reserva (Grand Reserve) wines are, within aged wines, these spend more time tin ageing as required for its total development. As in the other categories of wines with aging these wines can be classified as reds, whites and rosés depending on the length of the ageing process. Red wines are wines that need a minimum ripening period of 60 months, having to age in the oak barrel for at least 18 months. However, Whites and Rosés need 48 months to for ageing to be completed.

Among the Gran Rerserva we have:

Ibero 2013: It is a bright red wine, with an aroma of ripe fruit with balsamic notes. It is soft, fleshy and tasty.

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