The Syrah grape in Paniza

The syrah red grape, also known as shiraz, is grown all over the world and is used mainly to make red wine. Its origin is not clear and there are different versions. Some point to the ancient Persian city of Shiraz, in what is now Iran. Others claim that its origin is in the Italian city of Syracuse. Its important implantation in the center and south of France and the fact that a DNA analysis revealed in 1999 that it was descended from two dark grapes from the southeast of France, the hardness and the white mondeuse, makes it believe that it may be native to the Rhone.

The United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are the countries where this variety was most popular, and where, for linguistic reasons, its calligraphy changed to shiraz, while in Europe it has continued to use the French original.

From its compact and elongated clusters of dark grapes, between blue and black, wines with a medium-high body are born. Our range of varietals has three wines that enhance the benefits of this variety. Viñas de Paniza Syrah is a wine with a light barrel aging. It is part of the range of signature wines and stands out for its intensity. It is an expressive wine that evokes violet on the nose, with delicate notes of clove and tobacco and a smoky background. In the mouth notes of cinnamon, minerals and chocolate. Paniza Syrah is a complex and elegant wine that represents our wine tradition. Cherry color with violet flashes, reminiscent of red fruits accompanied by a mineral touch.

The syrah grape is also used in coupages, as is the case of the Garnacha Syrah Wild Boar. The combination of Garnacha, Aragon grape par excellence, and Syrah results in a spectacular wine with a soft, silky style whose flavor reminds of raspberries and black cherries.

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