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11 December, 2018
Bodegas Paniza launches two new Premium garnacha wines
Paniza Última Garnacha and Garnacha from slate are two wines of great complexity, coming from the best payments of their vineyards. With a careful presentation and […]
15 November, 2018
Containers in wineries: from jars to stainless steel tanks
It is the container of great capacity where the fermentation of the musts takes place, the later guard of the still wines and, in some cases, […]
9 November, 2018
The grape, origin and curiosities
Vitis vinifera is the most common grape, although there are many others, including some native to America. The Vitis vinifera includes more than 600 species of […]
28 September, 2018
The Syrah grape in Paniza
The syrah red grape, also known as shiraz, is grown all over the world and is used mainly to make red wine. Its origin is not […]

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