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Fábula de Paniza Cariñena


Carignan Wine Grape features

Carignan (Cariñena in Spanish) wine grape is native to Aragon, and specifically in the wine-growing region where Bodegas Paniza is located. The historical sources affirm that it is originally from the town of Cariñena, Zaragoza, of which it takes its name. Probably the Carignan wine grape comes from a hybridisation of varieties introduced by Phoenician merchants throughout the Western Mediterranean around the 9th century BC.


The Carignan wine grape variety is widespread throughout the world, so it has a host of synonyms across the globe. Practically, one for each wine producing region. In Catalonia it is common to call to it Samsó and in La Rioja they named it Mazuelo. Int English its name came from the French: Carignan, and in Italy it is known as Carignano.


Nowadays, the Cariñena wien grape variety is found in all wine producing regions of the world. It is very common to find it throughout the Mediterranean basin, along Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. Due to its resistance to high temperatures and low humidity, it is also common to see it in large wine growing areas of California, Northern Mexico, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and Southern Australia.


Carignan wine grape has a great strength and of very remarkable throwput. This variety stands out for its high acidity and tannins. They are large grapes, with a beautiful dark blue colour residing in their skin. The skin is thick and hard, which increases its resistance. Also, the bunch from which Cariñena is created is of a substantial size.


The vine is also characterised by its fragility against its own infections. But, despite this, it has been able to root well where the environmental conditions are right. It requires a warm and relatively dry climate to grow; it is common to find Carignan grape vines without an irrigation system only provided by nature itself. The vine grows vertically and the shoots it produces grow close to the stem itself.

Carignan Wine Tasete and Aroma

The Spanish wine produced by the Carignan grape has a bright colour, a high content of tannins and sugar that gives it its characteristic astringency. The aromas it produces have a bitter, herbaceous and often floral nuance, reminiscent of violets.

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