28 September, 2018
The Syrah grape in Paniza
The syrah red grape, also known as shiraz, is grown all over the world and is used mainly to make red wine. Its origin is not […]
13 July, 2018
Vino de Garnacha, la variedad de uva de moda
Garnacha, example of distinction
In Aragon, to speak of Grenache is to speak of tasty wines, greedy ones that warm the mouth, which are the good ones, that invite you […]
9 October, 2017
Vendimia 2017 en los viñedos de Bodegas Paniza
2017 Grape Harvest. Earlier than usual and more quality features.
Last October 6th, our workers and associates completed the 2017 grape harvest of their 3,000 ha. of vineyards. The racemation started on August 23rd, collecting Merlot […]
8 October, 2017
Carinena: the only region that has a grape variety with its name
Cariñena is the only region in the world that gives its name to a variety of grapes, the Cariñena. The same name, Cariñena, which was used […]