28 September, 2018
The Syrah grape in Paniza
The syrah red grape, also known as shiraz, is grown all over the world and is used mainly to make red wine. Its origin is not […]
25 June, 2018
When was the wine born?
There is no definitive answer on this question. What there are are many theories. Fermented beverages are something that has been known since antiquity, but wine […]
30 April, 2018
Wine Barrles
About wine barrels
Everything, also wine barrels, that is made by hand by different types of artisans, such as coopers, can offer slight variations in their manufacture, their capacity […]
19 April, 2018
Wine Glasses
Wine glasses. Their origins and History
Considering that most of the wine glasses and other glasses that have always been used to drink wine are made of a fragile material (glass, ceramics, […]