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Cariñena Wine Designation of Origin

We are a Spanish winery located at Paniza (Zaragoza) in territory of the Cariñena Designation of Origin, an asssociation of wineries regulated by a common rules about the way to make our wines, guaranteing its high quality. Our region, where mountains rise up, the weather is perfect to grow vines. This fact is known since mor than 2,000 years, and nowadays we continue the tradition, making some of the better and more awarded Spanish wines.

We were established at 1953, thenceforth we work daily with dedication to offer the world our high quiality Spanish wines. We care all the stages of grow and wine making, obtaining a product which reflects our nature and our people milenary essence.

Bodegas Paniza

High Quality Wine form Spain

Cariñena took its name from Caræ, a Roman settlement founded in 50 BC, at the foot of the Iberian System, in fertile plains with unbeatable conditions for grape cultivation.

They found it, and we continue with its legacy a little further south. In the first hills of the mountain chain, 850 meters high, where care for our vines. They grow in vineyards that occupy an area of more than 2,800 hectares, where the fruit of our labour develops in a special way.

The grapes are exposed to a continental climate and rooted in clay and rocky soils. Consequently, it ensures we achieve unique qualities that, are naturally transmitted to our wines. Making wine is an age old tradition, with deserved recognition, from which Bodegas Paniza has taken up the mantle to continue offering to the world the best of our land.

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Our history began in 1953, when the small producers of Paniza and its surroundings joined the Nuestra Señora del Águila Cooperative (Our Lady of the Eagle) to unite forces and make their wine go even greater distances.

Since the 1950s until now, Bodegas Paniza has done nothing but grow. New and more refined techniques, new machinery and most recently, modern technologies, have helped us improve and offer our customers better quality products and with a wider range.


We are ready to face all the challenges of this century and we are continuing on our path of growth and improvement. With thanks to thousands of people in more than forty countries on five continents, who already know what the wines of Bodegas Paniza are able to offer and trust us to enjoy life.

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