Cariñena takes its name from Carae, a Roman settlement dating back to the year 50 BC.

Our vineyards stretch over an area of 2,500 ha. They are located in the south, in a privileged area in the foothills of the Iberian System of mountains. They are the highest vineyards in the area, as they grow at 850 metres above sea level, which means very cool temperatures in summer. This, along with the dry continental climate, helps to create important temperature differences throughout the day, all year round. The soils and subsoils are poor in organic content, comprising limestones and clays with good structure and aeration. The soil surface is characterised by limestones and the subsoil is made up of limestone, sand and clay. The slopes of the Iberian System of mountains are characterised by soils and subsoils of slate with good drainage, favouring a balance between vegetation and production, which is the key to obtaining highly expressive wines with complex characteristics and minerals. This terroir provides interesting conditions for the production of wines of the highest quality and excellence. The result of all these factors is wines with an excellent concentration of colour, sugars, flavour and aromas.

We are located in the region that gives its name to the Designation of Origin Cariñena, which benefits from a combination of factors, such as the quality of the soil and the particular characteristics of the climate, which are especially favourable for successful wine production. Cariñena is Spain's second Designation of Origin. Its wine-producing tradition dates back to Phoenician and Roman times. Cariñena took its name from Carae, a Roman settlement from the year 50 BC, and the Cariñena (Carignan) variety is native to this region.


Paniza benefits from a continental climate with very hot summers and very cold winters, and a sharp contrast in temperature between night and day. These factors favour the production of wines rich in fruit. Annual precipitation is low (360 mm), while insolation is high (2,800 hours).


The soils are brown and calcareous on marls and sandy subsoils. Slate sub-soils in the highest areas.


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