Grape varietals

  • Grenache Originally from Aragón, grenache is a grape that achieves its fullest expression on hill slopes and dry soils. The grapes are dark, medium sized, with a thick skin. The bunch is of medium size and has light green leaves that are pentagonal inshape.  
  • Tempranillo It grows in south-facing areas with plenty of sunshine. Of medium size, it has a blue-black skin and is very large. The stem is long and narrow, with large green leaves. 
  • Cariñena Also known as carignan, it is one of the oldest grapes in Spain, the origin of Cariñena it is a grape with amazing vigour and yield. It produces small shoots that grow close to the vine stem.. 
  • Cabernet Sauvignon This grape emerged from two french varieties: cabernet franc and sauvignon blanc. It grows best in vineyards on dry and well-ventilated soils, and the grape, which is small and dark, grows alongside a medium-sized dark green leaf that appears to be covered in fine hairs when touched. 
  • Syrah Syrah varies in colour from blue to black. The grape's skin is thick and the pulp is juicy, growing in long, compact bunches. The vine is cultivated on granite, pebbly terroirs. 
  • Merlot Merlot comes from Bourdeaux and belongs to the same family as cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon. It is cultivated in cool areas with high humidity in summer. The grape is bluish in colour with a thick skin. The stem of the vine has narrow, angular leaves.  
  • Chardonnay It traces its origin to the pinot variety. The vines bloom in june, with small grapes that have shades of old gold; the leaf is a shade somewhere between yellow and green The vine stands upright, and the bunches are small and cylindrical in shape. 
  • Viura Also known as macabeo, it is believed to originate in the Ebro river basin, although there is an alternative theory that it comes from Valencia. The grape is resilient and gives high yields, with a colour between green and golden. The vine yields a small number of large bunches, with large leaves that turn yellow as autumn comes to a close. 

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